Sun City is truly a magical city! Everybody and we mean everybody, is a magician here, using love, kindness and a little magic to carry out their daily lives. Rudra, is our 9-year-old hero. He learns new magic from his grandfather, Jai Singh. But, like all things not everything is perfect, the evil and powerful magician Shakaal often stirs up trouble to stop Rudra from harnessing his true powers. It’s up to Rudra to defeat Shakaal and keep Sun City safe, but can he?

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Maira is also one of Rudra’s best friends. She is brave and forever eager to help, but her magic often backfires and lands Rudra and Varun in trouble.

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Shakaal is the evil Ruler of the neighbouring city Kaal City. He is a master of the dark magical forces, and focuses on using his magical powers to conquer Sun City. He is the sworn enemy of Jai Singh. For Shakaal to conquer Sun City, he must stop Rudra from harnessing his powers becoming Jai Singh’s successor.

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Jai Singh Chauhan

Lovingly known as “Dadu Jadoogar”, Jai Singh Chauhan is Rudra’s grandfather. He has timeless magical knowledge and is the protector of Sun City. Not only does he want to raise Rudra as a good human being, but he also wishes to make Rudra the future protector of Sun City.

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Varun is one of Rudra’s best friends. Like Rudra, he too is a 9-year-old. A loyal friend that will always protect Rudra, Varun, is often the target of Maira’s magical mistakes.

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The true heir of Jai Singh, Rudra is a kind hearted and intelligent 9-year-old boy who will eventually be the guardian of the city. Rudra is extremely hard working and always strives to learn what his Grandfather teaches him. Rudra is a true friend and an ideal grandson.



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