Ninja Hattori

Ninja Hattori

Ninja Hattori is a classic animated comedy where a little boy called Ken befriends an equally little Ninja called Hattori. A heart-warming, high energy and a super funny show.

img-hole Amara Character light


He is a Koga Ninja and the main antagonist of Ninja Hattori-kun. He lives in a block of flats with his cat Kagechiyo, and happens to be the opposite of Kenichi Mitsuba. However, he is scared of some of Hattori's ninja techniques

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Ninja Hattori

Hattori might be small in size but his powers are no less than any supreme Ninja. He can move at high speed, sleep suspended on the ceiling and knows the martial arts like the back of his super fast hand. Hattori is hardworking and strict when it comes to disciplining Ken, but he has a heart of gold and can't help but pull Ken out of tight spot.

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Kagechiyo is a black and white cat with the Koga ninja symbol on his forehead. He also has rather large teeth and speaks in a shrill, hoarse voice. Additionally, he has a scarf, which he sees as a lucky charm

hole Koeke Sensei (Sir) character light

Koeke Sensei (Sir)

He is Kenichi's teacher. He frequently scolds Kenichi. He is caricatured after animator Shin'ichi Suzuki

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Kenichi Mitsuba

He is a 10-year-old boy who goes to middle school and is poor in his studies. He also tricks Hattori to help him in any situation, even in extreme ones. He also does not follow his mother's instructions properly and often gets a severe scolding from his mother. Though he doesn't study well, he has a good habit of helping others.

hole seesheemaru character light


Shishimaru is Hattori's workshy Bichon Frise, with an eye for food, particularly chocolate rolls

hole Yumeko character light


A.k.a. Yumeko-chan, is the girl who usually causes disputes between Kemumaki Kemuzo and Kenichi Mitsuba. She also attends the same middle school as the two. Yumeko seems to be in touch with Hattori sometimes. Yumeko sees Hattori as a big brother and Shinzo as a little brother




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