Keymon Ache

Keymon Ache

Keymon Ache is a crazy mix of fun, frolic and naughtiness. The title character of the show is a magical creature who comes into the home of Rohan Tendulkar bringing with him loads of magic, love and laughter.

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Keymon is naughty, sarcastic, loves to eat,loves DJing on the mini DJ console in Rohan’s room and singing rap songs that he comes up with depending on the situation. He starts dancing and rapping at the drop of a hat.

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Rahul is Rohan’s best friend. They study together in the same class. Rahul is a short, nerdy looking kid who thinks he is strong but in reality is quite the weakling. Mini is always standing up for Rohan and Rahul especially when Sid tends to bully them.

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Rohan Tendulkar is a bright eyed average looking school boy from a middle class Indian family. He is a bit of an underdog at school and is often bullied by the school bully, Sid.

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Sid is the big bully in school who has been in the same class for a number of years due to his lack of intelligence. So he is slightly older than Rohan and the others in his class. He feels he’s too cool for school.

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Mini is Rohan’s secret crush but she would probably beat him up if she came to know. She is a tall athletic girl who is also intelligent and courageous. She doesn’t flinch in the eye of danger or uncomfortable situations.



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