Rocket Monkeys
Rocket Monkeys
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With loads of angry aliens, floaty criminal masterminds and black holes to battle, space is a place for heroes. When no heroes are available, the cosmos call on Gus and Wally - The Rocket Monkeys! These brothers aren't the brightest or the coolest, and yeah, they have really stinky breath. But that won't stop them from doing their best! And with help from their robot friend, YAY-OK, they just might not destroy the universe. They're no geniuses, but The Rocket Monkeys are starved for intergalactic adventure. Well, actually, they're uh… they're starved for bananas. Anyway, go Rocket Monkeys! Let's rocket!

Monkeys on a Mission
Monkeys on a Mission
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Gus is Wally's big brother and he'd do anything to be a hero. The only problem is, when his monkey instincts kick in, things tend to go… a little bananas. Being the captain of the Rocket Monkeys' ship comes with a lot of responsibility -- non-poo-flinging responsibility, to be exact. Good thing Gus is one extremely responsible monkey. Well, most of the time.
rocket monkey died
Arnabreal, 2nd Apr, 2015
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Vibh, 23rd Nov, 2014
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Rajat1210, 2nd Sep, 2014