Motu Patlu
Motu Patlu
Mon - Fri 6.30 pm

Get ready for the double dose of comedy with the Awesome Twosome from Furfuri Nagariya!
The comical adventures of Motu-Patlu, the two clueless, simple but lovable adventurers are set in a small town in the heartland of India, known as Furfuri Nagariya. The awesome twosome have an uncanny ability to attract trouble which only lands them in entertaining and hilarious situations.

The two act like a trouble magnet but are always by each other’s side in good and bad situations. The two form a rather odd couple as Motu is a food addict and Patlu considers himself as the ‘Bright chap’ of the team, but when they come together, they sure bring laughter riots along. Join the awesome twosome in their journey of side-splitting adventures and ride through the thick and thin of comedy with them!

love u motu patlu
Imani, 28th Nov, 2017
love you Motu Patlu...!!
SyedSuhail, 16th Jan, 2017
Motu patlu is brilliant. Me and My family love these animation.
Kurilvijay, 8th Jan, 2017