About KCA

The biggest, most awesome and slimiest awards show is going to happen right here in India!

What is the KCA?

The Kids’ Choice Awards is the biggest and the coolest International Awards show and it's coming to India again! Biggest– because across the world, millions of kids and their families are hooked to it; and the most popular international celebs support it, like Will Smith, Johnny Depp, and Britney Spears! And coolest– because… guess who decides the winners?? You got it! KIDS!!!

In its spirit of encouraging kids to be themselves – funny and free-spirited, KCA was started by Nickelodeon USA in 1988, and since then, kids worldwide have had a blast with it! KCA 2012 was telecasted in 40 countries and had 17.2 million viewers internationally! Year after year, kids vote for their favorites – actors, artistes, TV shows, cartoon characters, and lots more. Then based on their votes, the winners in each category are given awards at the craziest evening of the year!

Can anyone vote?

Unlike any other awards show, you the kids are the difference!
We're considering votes only from kids. If you like them, vote for them, and they'll win.

What's so awesome about it?

We've got great performances, tons of jokes, a lot of pranks and gallons of slime! ...and all your favourite Bollywood’s stars will be there too!

*Voters need to be under 18 years as on 28th November 2016. Terms & conditions apply.