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Five reasons why MS Dhoni is a role model for youngsters


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Bengaluru: Mahendra Singh Dhoni is one of India’s most successful captains. His achievements on the field have won him a nation full of admirers and fans. Here are five reasons why he is worthy of being India’s role model:

Captain Cool: Dhoni is rightfully known as ‘Captain Cool’. Even in a tense situation, he remains calm, confident and most amazingly cheerful. This is a quality most lack. People tend to lose hope or worse, get aggressive and reckless, during difficult situations. This more often than not backfires, leaving the team to taste sour defeats when wins could have been possible. His calm and collected approach has brought the team rewards by the truckloads—from the ICC World Cup to the Champions Trophy.

Midas touch: Everything that Dhoni touches seems to be turning to gold. Ever since he became captain of the Indian cricket team, the team has soared higher and higher into greatness. Team India is, arguably, capable of vanquishing any opponent, no matter their stature.

Had he been wildly successful once or twice, it could’ve been disregarded as sheer luck. But then he has led the team to glory time and again, it is evident beyond doubt that the team is riding on his immense leadership skills.

Clean image: Repute of Indian Cricket is at its lowest. With BCCI transparently displaying the power struggle within, several cricketers being banned for spot fixing, and several others under the scanner for similar incidents, Dhoni is among the few cricketers (like Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid) who has over the years kept themselves clear of scandals, allegations and lawsuits. With bookies on the lookout for ethically weak players, it is reassuring to know there are still players who stay away from trouble and work towards maintaining the sanctity of the sport.

Style icon: It is not just enough to be a good player with great stats and fantastic ethics. But to be a role model, the individual needs to keep abreast of the times. Dhoni, with his avid love for motorcycles and ever-changing hairstyles, has become a youth icon. From the days he sported long flowing hair to his recent decision to sport a mohawk, Dhoni’s hairstyles caught the nation’s attention and immediately became the primary topic of discussion.

A force on the field: Leadership skills, ethics and fashion sense aside, Dhoni is a force to be reckoned with on the field. He is one of the best wicketkeepers. His powerful strokes strike fear among all bowlers and his calm and collected tactics and strategy ensures the Indian cricket team utilises even the smallest of opportunities and punishes the opponent’s smallest of mistakes.

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